About Nassar DEvelopment

Nassar Development is a design-build company with over 15 years of creating one-of-a-kind assets with unmatched quality and character. We specialize in custom homes, resort properties, private ranches, and high-end commercial in the Colorado Front Range and mountain areas.​

Our long standing partnerships with exceptional architects, engineers, and designers allow us to create and build stunning homes that seamlessly blend classic styles with unique touches inspired by the Mountain West. Our properties are known for their superior build and finish qualities, creative and singular decorative and structural steel work, and unique and desirable locations.

David Nassar founder

David is the Founder of Nassar Development and has designed and built some of Colorado's most notable and desirable homes. David's passion for aviation, adventure, and the rugged landscapes of Colorado inspire him and drive his creative designs and projects--all with a singular and spectacular result. 

Zach Nassar

Zachary Nassar CEO

Zach brings exceptional creativity and collaboration to each project. From elaborate commercial structures and build-outs to jaw-dropping residences, Zach's attention to detail ensures that each and every Nassar Development project exceeds the client's expectations.

Wes Nassar

Weston NassarOwner/Flight Fabrication

Weston Nassar is the founder/ owner of Flight Fabrication and Iron, a subsidiary of Nassar Development. He and his team combine an influence of "Old School" Craftsmanship and "New School" CNC Technology to deliver timeless customized designs with amazing accuracy. Their trademark metal work in almost every Nassar Development structure.

Get to KNow the Team

Nassar Team photo

From left to right, Laurie, Chris, OJ, Zach, David, Wes, David, Hunter, Shannon

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