Historic Johnson’s Gas Station and Urban Lofts

After World War II, America flourished and the highway system across the nation, more than ever before became a freedom outlet for travel, exploration, beautiful cars and RV’s, and of course the Motor Lodge!  An amazing time in America’s growth and rich culture which continues to evolve today.  Johnson’s Gas Station was such a place that serviced those freedom lovers and travelers.  It was made famous two ways, and ND hopes to be part of a third by creating one of the most interesting “watering holes” in Boulder County for food, drink, outdoor entertainment and creative exploration. The first enduring feature of the gas station is the design and architect.  Eugene Graves was a prominent Architect from Denver who is remembered for his amazing concrete structures.  A revolutionary design at tis time and still significant today.  Complimenting this beautiful structure is Jack Kerouac, the “Beat Writer” of the American classic book, “On the Road”.  Kerouac is today considered one of America’s literary giants and writes about his “delicious” visit to Johnson’s Gas Station.  Opens Spring, 2024!  

Read about it in the Longmont Times-Call:

“Same name, new chapter: Longmont landmark Johnson’s Corner under development”

And in the Longmont Leader:

“Johnson’s Corner renovation proceeding in Prospect”


Design By: Nassar Development

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